10 Must-Have Apps for Programmers If They Want To Be Professional

Being an Android developer with exceptional coding ability is just a start. You also need an organized and intuitive work environment to ensure consistently efficient and streamlined productivity, especially when you’re working with a team where you need to be highly collaborative. Coding for every app can be unique, with every project having different goals and milestones. This is exactly why you need effective tools and apps to customize your workflow whenever required. These tools and apps can be broadly categorized into four groups.

  1. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) or Text Editors
  2. Communication Tools
  3. Work Flow and Productivity Tools
  4. Prototyping Tools
10 Must-Have Apps for Programmers If They Want To Be Professional

Text Editors/IDEs

You would be starting a Battle Royale if you asked about the best text editor in a room full of Android developers. It’s always been a hot debate with some leaning towards feature-rich and highly customizable IDEs while others are opting to go with something that’s light and works well fresh out of the box. Coding has evolved into an endeavor where your personal preference often has to take the back seat as modern coding involves collective efforts from programmers coming from different professional backgrounds and working from a wide variety of diverse environments. That’s why you often need an editing tool that supports real-time collaboration.

  • Codeshare

Codeshare is a modern text editing app where you can write code and share it with your colleagues. You can define coding objectives and assess the adequacy of the code in real-time. Built-in video conferencing enables you to discuss issues at hand immediately, devise a strategy, and carry out troubleshooting. No need to install anything or signing; all you need to do is open the app and start coding.

However, being intuitive and light comes with its downsides as Codeshare doesn’t support importing packages, compilation, and advanced debugging tools.
Link: Get Codeshare

  •  Sublime

For a seamless and convenient development process, Sublime Text is a great option. It comes with an intuitive UI, and color-coded syntax highlighting coupled with text folding enables easy readability. It also has an auto code completion feature, which saves a lot of time. Although it’s a light editor, Sublime also supports enhanced customizability and a vast plugin library.

That being said, Sublime Text’s unique advantage is hidden in its smooth workflow and intuitive editing features such as split editing and multiple selections. You can try a fully functional demo today!
Link: Get Sublime Text

  • DroidEdit

You don’t know when you will need to make amendments to your code, and that’s why you need a source code editor that works on your mobile devices. DroidEdit is the solution you’re looking for as the app allows you to take your code anywhere you want. Add new algorithms, change logics, and debug the code on the go.
Link: Get DroidEdit

Communication Tools

The cornerstone of significant development is effective communication. Without developing a clear plan of individual and team goals, it is hard to compile a codebase that’s robust and competitive in the industry. Here are a few communication apps for programmers that go beyond instant messaging.

  • Flock

This tool includes a unique chat module that was developed to centralize and streamline multi-level communication across different teams and groups. It also allows you to convert messages into resources through bookmarks and turn your discussions into objectives. The app also supports audio and video calling along with group chats and screen sharing features.

You can also conduct anonymous polls to democratize the development process and use tags to mark the priorities. Most importantly, it can be integrated with many other communication and workflow tools, including Office 365, Google Doc, Dropbox, Asana, Slack, Github, and more.
Link: Get Flock

  • Slack

If you are looking for a no-nonsense and minimalistic communication, Slack is the best option. It allows you to get rid of the email and brings all the best features of instant messaging and collaboration together.
Link: Get Slack

Workflow & Productivity Tools

Programming requires being organized and disciplined to ensure efficient productivity, but it’s not always easy to achieve. You need to break down and quantify your project into achievable milestones to get to the finish line in time. Here are a few tools you can rely on.

  • Clockify

Procrastination and distraction can be a big problem for Android programmers. To overcome this challenge, you can use the Clockify app, which tracks time and provides you with a timesheet letting you know about the time spent on coding by you and your team. Generally, people tend to overestimate their productivity. Clockify helps you build fact-based reporting to make informed decisions.
Link: Get Clockify

  • Overflow.io

Laying out a development plan through flow charts and other visual means can be clunky, confusing, and time-consuming. That’s where Overflow.io comes in with its elegant, convenient, and simple way of putting your entire plan into perspective through a playable smooth flow demonstrating illustrations. All you have to do is connect the artboards. You can identify the weaknesses and bottlenecks before you start working on your project. This feature helps you iron out the inconsistencies to save both effort and time.
Link: Get Overflow.io

  • Planio

A unique project management tool that enables development teams to be highly productive and effective working within the restraints of tight deadlines. It offers support for Kanban, Waterfall Model, Scrum, and Agile along with conventional project management techniques. It also allows you to assign role-based access control to ensure the security and privacy of your project. Automatic chart generation and advanced repository and file management are a huge plus.
Link: Get Planio

Prototyping Tools

An excellent prototyping tool is necessary for programmers, including Android developers, for effective collaboration, ensuring they’re all working towards the same goal. It helps build a clear understanding of what a project should look like in its entirety. Here are a couple of excellent prototyping tools you can use.

  • InVision

Being one of the most popular prototyping tools, InVision enables you to categorize and organize elements into a single workflow. You can define different columns for the project status and drag and drop your project elements into the relevant column. You can also upload a variety of file types such as PSD, GIF, and PNG and include animations and interactions to images. The tool also brings integrations with popular apps like Dropbox, Trello, Slack, and more.

Overall, InVision simplifies a multitude of aspects of development workflow and streamlines collaboration. You can be more productive with this tool.
Link: Get InVision

  • Axure

If you are looking for a tool that provides an impactful prototyping solution without having to write code, Axure is a tool you should consider. It brings you features like conditional flow statements, mathematical functions, data-driven categorization, and dynamic content, along with animations and adaptive views.

You can create prototypes for all operating systems, and the tool comes with a 30-day free trial. Pricing is quite affordable for professional, team, and enterprise tiers.
Link: Get Axure

If you are an Android developer in the current market, you want every tool and app that can give you an edge over your competition. If you aren’t organized, well-collaborated, productive, and efficient, there is a high chance that someone else will take your place. Using the above tools, you can ensure you’re writing code that is consistent with the team goal and client’s expectations.

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