Best Xposed Modules in 2020

If you own a rooted Android device, make sure you know how to make the most out of your smartphone. There are multiple ways to extend the functionality of your gadget once you can access system files and advanced settings – installing Xposed modules is a favorite one for a lot of developers.

Using Xposed is much easier than installing additional ROMs – you will need less time and effort to tweak system efforts. In this post, you will find out how the framework operates and get introduced to 15 most popular Xposed modules that help you discover the full power of root access.

What is Xposed?

Xposed is a tool that gives access to dozens of Android mods and tweaks. Other than adding new lightweight utilities to the smartphone – background app silencers, data recovery tools, etc, the module gives developers access to system settings and allows to tweak CPU usage, display settings, etc.

Downloading modules is the most efficient way to use Xposed. They are not different from Android apps if not for the sideloading installation process. Xposed has a custom module repository – a collection of useful tools and utilities that improve smartphone owners’ user experience.

Top 15 Xposed Modules

In case you don’t have enough time to test modules through trial and failure, take a look at the list of the best Xposed tools for optimizing day-to-day tasks, improving the smartphone’s performance and battery life.

1. GravityBox


GravityBox is a tool that gives you full control over the smartphone’s interface. You will be able to change the look of the lock screen, battery tab, status, and display. Smartphone owners can customize the user experience by adding shortcuts, hide the navigation bar and other elements. You can insert custom panels as well – such as real-time traffic tracking.

GravityBox supports all versions of the operating system, including Android 10.

2. Amplify Battery Extender

Amplify Battery Extender

Having a smartphone with a short battery life is inconvenient – your device is unreliable and can shut off anytime. On the other hand, powerful devices are expensive and might not be the best bang for your buck.

Amplify Battery Extender helps improve your smartphone’s battery life so that you don’t need to get a replacement. Other than silencing background apps, Amplify disables wake-locks – the storage of additional charge that prevents the device from going into speed mode, improving the charging speed of the smartphone.

3. Chrome Pie

Chrome Pie

If you are a regular Google Chrome user, falling in love with Chrome Pie will not take much time. The module gives your browser client a different look and feel, adding a one-hand screen to the interface. The owners of wide-screen smartphones will no longer have to struggle when typing or choosing the right button with one hand.

The module is full of additional features – one-click access to bookmarks and history, improved tab switching, and many more. The enhanced Chrome interface has a native look and feel to it – eventually, you will forget that the tab used to not be there.

4. Boot Manager

Boot Manager

Background apps are one of the main reasons why mobile devices use system resources inefficiently. With dozens of background tools loading every time you boot your phone, there’s no way to expect a flawless performance.

Boot Manager helps put an end to the struggle by shutting down all underused background apps. This is an intelligent task manager that will not bother you with notifications or use a lot of CPU – instead, Boot Manager will quietly do its job and help you achieve the peak efficiency of your smartphone.

5. Xprivacy


Considering how much smartphone users expose themselves to security threats when using public networks, having a powerful security module is essential. Xprivacy is one of the most famous Xpose modules that offer online and in-app personal data protection. The tool allows selecting what type of data any app on the device has access to.

You will be able to limit the visibility of confidential information development teams have without having to give up the features of your favorite apps. The module supports the following data types:

  • Location;
  • Contact list;
  • Email access;
  • Messages;
  • Internet access;
  • Access to media files.

6. WhatsApp Extensions

WhatsApp Extensions

This tool gives WhatsApp users more control over how their messages and profile statuses are seen by contacts. The tool allows you to take your time when answering annoying messages and seem unavailable. Other than that, Android users can zoom on profile pictures, put a custom wallpaper, hide ‘Seen’ and ‘Read’ receipts. You can manage contacts more efficiently by setting reminders that’ll prevent you from accidentally ignoring important texts.

On top of that, the module manages WhatsApp updates. You can install features selectively and have full control over how the program uses system resources.

7. Zoom for Instagram

Zoom for Instagram

Although this module is considerably more limited, Zoom might be useful to people who need to analyze pictures carefully for work or personal business. After installing the module, a smartphone owner will see a ‘Zoom’ button next to every picture or video. You will be able to view the content your loved ones share in more detail to not miss out on little yet important things in the background.

Zoom is straightforward and easy to use – there’s only one button for increasing content dimensions. The module is also known for being fast and lightweight – it will not tank your smartphone’s performance.

8. Crappalinks


Link sharing via social media is convenient – you can access a URL anytime, there’s no way for it to get lost. However, it’s extremely frustrating when a friend or a colleague shares a broken link – you’ll spend some time and effort trying to load it.

The good news is, Crappalinks is an Xposed module that scans all social media links and pinpoints broken ones in one click. It’s a plug-and-play app – there’s no need to set the tool up to run it.

Other than determining if the link is functioning, Crappa can decipher a full version of a shortened link to protect smartphone users from spam, viruses, and malware.

9. Coolify Flat

Coolify Flat

Coolify Flat is one of the most impactful Xposed modules Android smartphone owners can think of. The tool gives full control over the temperature of the device, allowing you to cool the phone down once it gets too hot.

The tool creates a temperature balance on the smartphone by removing background apps and saving system resources. Coolify Flat runs in the background – however, it doesn’t slow the smartphone down noticeably.

10. Fake GPS

This Xposed module comes in handy when you need to put an extra layer of online protection. The tool helps choose fake locations and send them to apps that require location data to run. A user can choose any location by entering it manually.

Fake GPS has system-wise performance and applies to all apps that demand GPS data. If you want to go back to using your real location, exit the fake one in one click – you can log back in just as easily.

11. MinMinGuard


The tool is a tried-and-true way to deal with in-app and online apps. MinMinGuard not only blocks the ad itself but gets rid of the frame as well, allowing smartphone users to have a full-screen experience on their favorite websites and apps. Smartphone owners can either which in-app ads to block manually or remove the app from every application at once.

12. PinNotif


Although push notifications are often annoying, they are often convenient and help keep track of emails, social media texts, and important system updates. To make sure you can review all important notifications on your terms, use the PinNotif module.

The tool helps delay dealing with notifications – you will be able to look over all the important texts and updates once there are no other pressing tasks – they will be collected together in a stylish, easy-to-manage list.

13. Exi for SwiftKey

Exi for SwiftKey

Smartphone keyboards don’t score well by convenience – they have low typing accuracy, there’s no way to enable shortcuts, and entering a phrase or a sentence takes twice the time needed to type on a computer.

Modules like Exi for Swift Key make handling smartphone keyboards faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Mobile users can swipe to the left and to the right to switch between cursors, create custom shortcuts, and benefit from intelligent auto-correction.


Xposed is a multi-functional framework, with dozens of powerful modules that take mobile experiences to a new level. Be it prolonging the battery life, getting rid of annoying apps, or taking control over the device’s security – there’s a module for handling every task.

Using Xposed tools will help you be more mindful and proactive about the way your device functions. Give the modules reviewed in the article a try to make your Android smartphone as good as new.

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