Top 15 Android Apps for Hacking

Android apps for hacking are becoming increasingly popular each passing day. This is because Android is one of the most commonly used Operating System worldwide. Since Android allows third-party software to be installed on it, there are many hacking apps you can install to make your life easier, whether it is to gather information, hack into Wi-Fi, or even phones. However, you should make sure you’re using these apps ethically for your personal use instead of unethical hacking practices.

1. Droidsheep


Pros: Droidsheep is one of the basic hacking apps you can start off with to get yourself in the field. The best thing about Droidsheep is that it works with almost every website. It can hijack active sessions by gathering information with the support of the Wi-Fi you’re connected to and the incoming traffic on it, giving access to the profiles of active web sessions, which include even social media accounts.

Cons: The only downside to Droidsheep is that it cannot access websites with added security that have HTTPS on their website.

Price: Free.
Download Droidsheep:

2. Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter

Pros: First, publicly accessible penetration testing software, Kali NetHunter, initially built for Google Nexus devices only can now be installed on the latest models as well with a bit of work. It gives access to Wireless 802.11 frame injection, BadUSB MITM attacks, HID keyboard, and one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups; making it one of the most powerful penetration testing software to exist.

Cons: One disadvantage you have with Kali NetHunter is that it isn’t an app for newbies due to the complex system of penetration testing. Hence, you’re bound to face difficulties if you’re not an experienced hacker.

Price: Free.
Download Kali NetHunter:

3. zANTI


Pros: zANTI is another penetration testing tool widely popular due to the various features it offers. zANTI allows you access to information on any connected device or network with a single click. With this, you can find out if the connected network is in danger of any vulnerabilities or point out the malicious activity and execute MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks.

Cons: zANTI is said not always to work hence you can’t rely on it every time. Moreover, you’ll need a rooted device since it doesn’t work on an unrooted device.

Price: Free.
Download zANTI:

4. Hackode


Pros: Another app included in the Android apps for hacking includes Hackode. Haслode is fairly easy to use any regular Android user can master it. Once again, Hakode can gather information on other devices with its in-built features that mainly include four main options: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploits, and Security Feed. It allows access to operations such as Whois, Email Access, DNS Dif, Scanning, and a lot more.

Cons: Hackode works only for a hacker that has basic needs and does not need to dwell on advanced hacking techniques. 

Price: Free.
Download Hakode:

5. SSHDroid


Pros: SSHDroid is an SSH implementation server that transforms your device into an SSH server. For this, your mobile device needs to be connected with a computer afterward, which you can accomplish commands such as ‘ADB Shell’ or ‘Terminal.’ Moreover, you can edit your files securely in this manner as well. 

Cons: SSHDroid doesn’t sync new files automatically, and the user will have to do it each time manually.

Price: Free.
Download SSHDroid:

6. DroidBox

Pros: With DroidBox, you can gain access to the applications installed on an Android device. This includes getting information from any app on SMS, call logs, APK Package, etc. in Android. You can also monitor the activity of an Android app package with the help of this.

Cons: DroidBox can be a bit complex for someone who’s not very familiar with tech due to the reason that it requires machine-learning techniques as well.

Price: Free.
Download DroidBox:

7. AndroRAT


Pros: Originally built for personal security measures, AndroRAT has become a well-liked hacking app. Short for Android and Remote Administrative Tools, AndroRAT, like the name suggests, gives you control of another individual’s Android system remotely. You can use this app to collect information as well as monitor it along with the ability to send or receive SMS and calls, change settings, and even control the camera.

Cons: Since AndroRAT is an APK binder file, and by installing it on your device, you are putting your device, at risk to harmful files, consequently making it unsafe.

Price: Free to download. The Binder file, however, is available for $37.
Download AndroRAT:

8. Shark for Root

Shark for Root

Pros: Shark for Root lets you gain control over other mobile devices that are connected to the same wireless network. This works for both Wi-Fi and 3g networks since it is established on the Tcpdump command line. Once you get access, you can monitor other users as well as intercept them. You can also get their login details if they’re logged in that specific time.

Cons: To download Shark for Root on your device, you’ll first need to root your device. Rooting your phone has various disadvantages and can make it less secure, which puts the device at risk.

Price: Free.
Download Shark for Root:

9. Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill

Pros: With this Android app for hacking, you can hack into network connections of the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi as you. This lets you monitor their activity in which you can find their downloads and browsing history, even if it was in incognito mode. Another advantage of Wi-Fi Kill is that you can disable the connection of other users from that particular internet connection.

Cons: Wi-Fi kills requires the device to be rooted. Another drawback of this app is that it only works for Android 4.0 and above.

Price: Free.
Download Wi-Fi Kill:

10. The Wi-Fi Hacker

The Wi-Fi Hacker

Pros: Have you ever been stuck somewhere, ran out of mobile data, and nothing to do? The Wi-Fi Hacker provides a solution to that. You can easily hack into any Wi-Fi connection and get information on the password and WPA key of the nearest Wi-Fi devices. The plus point with this app is that it works with all sorts of WPA, WPA2, and WEP keys; giving you access to almost every Wi-Fi connection nearby.

Cons: Like most other Wi-Fi hacking apps, the Wi-Fi hacker needs you to get the Android 4.0 version above. For devices that are not using these versions, they cannot install and work with this app.

Price: Free.
Download The Wi-Fi Hacker:

11. FaceNiff


Pros: Similar to Droidsheep, FaceNiff is an android hacking app that allows you to monitor and interfere activity of the user traffic coming in through the Wi-Fi you’re connected to. Meaning if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi, numerous other people are connected to as well, with FaceNiff you can gain access to their web activity and social media accounts.

Cons: You have to pay or use a cracked version to continue hacking through FaceNiff after the first three accounts. 

Price: Free.
Download FaceNiff:

12. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Pros: Lucky Patcher is a useful hacking tool that lists all of the downloaded applications on your mobile and categorizes them according to the modifications and changing of settings you can do for each. Some of the features included in this app are removing ads, accessing paid applications, modifying permissions required by the app, and more. 

Cons: You need a rooted device for this app to work. Moreover, changing the settings of various apps on your mobile can potentially put it at risk. 

Price: Free.
Download Lucky Patcher:

13. Whatsapp Sniffer

Whatsapp Sniffer

Pros: If your curiosity has ever gotten the best of you or if you’re an anxious parent who needs to keep a check on their child, Whatsapp Sniffer can help. With this hacking app, you can sneak into the entire Whatsapp of someone, including chats, audios, videos, and pictures, who use the same Wi-Fi connection as you.

Cons: The videos in the device of the Whatsapp you’re hacking can be seen but not downloaded. Whatsapp Sniffer also is unable to receive messages with a precision fully.

Price: Free. 
Download Whatsapp Sniffer:

14. DriveDroid


Pros: DriveDroid allows you to boot any computer (even one that’s password-protected!) by connecting your mobile. The ISO/IMG files that are stored inside the phone are burned, creating a bootable USB drive, and the PC is ready to boot. It’s as simple as that.

Cons: You have to get your device rooted for this app. Moreover, if you’re using the USB-drive emulation, the ISO files will not be booted, and you’ll need a CD to boot these.

Price: Free. The app does come with in-app purchases. 
Download DriveDroid:

15. Fing- Network Tools

Fing- Network Tools

Pros: A widely used network toolkit, Fing allows its users to detect the devices connected to a particular network, detect suspicious activity, gain access to network security risks, and more all with one app. 

Cons: Fing-Network tool asks for the entire data of the user. Moreover, the app shows a lot of ads which can become irritating for users.

Price: Free. Although, if you want to use it with Fingbox, an optional extra device, that costs $100.
Download Fing:

With these 15 Android apps for hacking, there is no doubt that they have their advantages where you can keep an eye on your child, make sure your employees are working in offices, and much more. However, it is necessary to use them for personal purposes only and to refrain from using them for any illegal activities.

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